Happy Trails
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$25 off
Any Quad

$50 off
any Side x side

Howdy Folks!

In honor o' Spring Break Season, we're a lowerin' our rates fer all our steeds!! Check out our Prices page fer more info!

And, we're a'keepin' the Extry Special!

That makes takin' out our metal steeds one o' the best deals fer a mighty fine adventure yer likely to find! Here's a sample or two:

2014 Polaris RZR4 800: New Daily Price: $250/Day
                                         Extry Special Daily Price: $200/Day!!
Any Sport/Utility Quad: New Daily Price: $150/Day
                                         Extry Special Daily Price: $125/Day!!

And don't fergit: All our prices INCLUDE Sales Tax, Insurance and yer 1st tank o' gas! Contact us today to git yer adventure booked.

Announcin' our latest steed:
Macho Grande!

A 2014 Polaris RZR4 EPS 800LE!

Wanna git yer crew somewheres, pronto? Macho's yer boy,
long as you don't mind yer crew screamin' in sheer delight
at this beast's trail poundin' prowess. Kinda purdy, too.

Well, howdy, pardner!

 We're sure glad you stopped by. Take a gander at our stock: We rent out some of the roughest, toughest, metal steeds to ever tackle them Western Trails Arizona is famous fer.

We've got dirt-spittin' ATVs (quads) and gear or crew haulin' UTVs (side-by-sides), all rearin' and ready to show you some o' the best outdoor adventures in the West. So sit a spell, flip through some of our likenesses and pages and when yer ready, give us a ring. A cowpoke'll get yer adventures set up in a jiffy.

(602) 577-5167 for ATV and UTV Rentals
(928) 632-4477 for lodging at the
Bradshaw Mountain Guest Ranch

A'waterin' the herd at Horse Thief Lake

Trail Bustin' Crown King Style

Cowgirl's gittin' er done
Mighty fine gold diggin' ruins
 Our summer stables are located at the finest kept B&B in
Crown King:
The Bradshaw Mountain Guest Ranch.

You'll find some cozy cabins to grab a wink and when ya wake up,
adventure will be knockin' at yer front door. Call us for some great combo packages (ATV/UTV and lodging, includes breakfast).
Why, there're even a couple o' hombres ready to take you on tours to places like Crown King Mine, Bradshaw City (a real live ghost town, pardner), and even a secret cemetery or two.

Whooee, cowboy!
Whatcha waitin' fer? Give us a jingle today, and we'll git ya set up in a jiffy! Happy Trails!
The Herd at the Ranch
Phoenix ATV Rentals, Arizona UTV Rentals, Side by Sides. Yamaha, Polaris and Arctic Cat brands are available. Sport Quad and Utility Quads are available.

Content copyright . happytrailsaz.com. All rights reserved.
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