Frequently Asked questions

Do I need a reservation?
Yes please, although walk ins are welcomed based upon availability. Please see our "Contact Us" to check what we have available for your dates.

How old do you have to be to ride?
All operators must be 16 years of age with a valid driver's license (motorcycle endorsement is NOT required), and a valid credit card in your name. Renters take full responsibility while riding our ATV's (see rental agreement-in office). All of our quads and ATVs are Street Legal in Arizona. Please note that all Arizona State driving rules apply while operating our equipment. If you drink-and-drive or abuse other substances while operating a quad or side by side, you will be subject to the same penalties as if you were driving a car. The ticketing agencies are very strict on this issue and regularly enforce substance abuse regulations.

Do you have riding gear?

Yes, we provide gloves, helmets, & goggles, available at time of rental for no extra charge. You may bring your own equipment if you prefer, as long as the helmets are marked with the DOT tag on the back of the helmet. We also suggest each person wears long pants, long sleeves, & boots as well, plus a hat and handkerchief.

Do you offer guided tours?
Yes. We offer several guided tours in the Wickenburg, Arizona area and we are always expanding our offerings.

Do you charge a security deposit?
It depends on what unit(s) you rent and for how long. Please call to discuss.

Do you need a permit to ride on the desert trails?

While all of our units are street legal and have valid OHV tags, permits may be required, but only if you plan to stay overnight on BLM or State Trust land. Please find more information at the Arizona State Land Department website.

What days and times can I pick up and drop off?
1 day rental (8 hours): Pickup 9:00am, drop off by 5:00pm
Multi-day rentals (24 hours/day): Pickup 9:00am first day of rental period, drop off by 5:00pm on last day of rental period.
1/2 day rentals (4 hours): Pickup 9:00am, drop off by 1:00pm; Pickup 2:00pm, drop off by 6:00pm (not available during holidays)
There are no refunds for early returns, but you are welcome to drop off the equipment any time prior to the drop off time specified above; please call ahead for early returns.
We MAY have rentals available after 9:00am, but we urge you to call ahead: (602) 577-5167.

Do you charge late fees?
Yes. $25 per hour past drop off time, up to 4 hours (any later and we send out the posse). BUT, if you're having fun just call and we'll try to extend your time the best we can for a $15 an hour fee or additional days (subject to availability).

What if I damage an ATV?
The rider will be responsible for all repairs or for the purchase of a new ATV if un-repairable. Please note: We are working to obtain insurance for walk ins, but we do not have this available at this time. Please check back with us regularly.
(See rental agreement-in office).

Can I transport an ATV to my own desired trail?

Yes, off-road and within the state of Arizona only. With the exception of NO SAND DUNES. You must pick up and return within the time signed on the rental agreement to avoid additional rental charges. We may be able to provide trailers from Wickenburg for an additional charge.

Can I reschedule or cancel if something comes up?
Yes. Reservations can be rescheduled with the following fees and times:

  •  One week to 24 hours prior to rental date: 25% of total reservation
  •  24 hours : 50% of total reservation
  •  Day of reservation: 100% of total reservation (including no-shows)

Do you offer insurance?
We do offer insurance for some units; for other units it may be required. Please contact us or inquire at time of rental.

This is very limited insurance that covers loss of the rental vehicle in the unlikely event you have an accident. Please contact us for further information; however, we still strongly recommend you have your own medical insurance.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Deposits MUST be on a credit card.